Boy and the World


Produced by: Tita Tessler, Fernanda Carvalho
Directed by: Alê Abreu
Starring: Vinicius Garcia, Felipe Zilse, Alê Abreu, Lu Horta, Marco Aurélio Campos and Cassius Romero
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Rating: 2/5
By: Dipti Ranglani Gulabani

Child Chase!

An animated presentation circling around the adventures of a simple, rural family disrupted by the father’s departure to the city to earn a living. A little boy Cuca sets out to bring his father back to their village and reunite his family. On his way to trace his father, the lad ends up learning about the city life, the new machines, sickness and the way everyone manages to survive happily amidst the sadness. How this child’s life unfolds thereafter is what forms the rest of this movie.

What Works?

The storyline is simple and so is the message. The narration is unique since it’s not only animation that Brazilian filmmaker Alê Abreu plays with. There are  drawings and paintings incorporated in the movie – making it a simple treat for the eyes searching for something new. The easy story is enhanced further by well chosen soundtracks and of course the beautiful theme music that connects the dots through the entire film. The colours and the stark difference between the urban and the rural side of the story are simply eye catching!

What Doesn’t Work?

In the age of superheroes, where even young audience demands sci-fi elements, more action and slick depiction in the movies, just the 80 mins run time of  Boy and the World also seems too long, thanks to the straight story at the core of the film. The movie is largely devoid of dialogues and whatever little communication that takes place is in gibberish vocals that makes it difficult for the viewer to understand the true sentiment behind the scene! That the movie’s performance would be adversely affected due to its extremely delayed release, would be an understatement.


It’s a drag watch that some parents will be dragged to watch.