Hostel days ready for release on 29th December 2017


Writer, Music Director and Director Ajay Naik, who earlier made films like Bavre Prem He, Lagna Pahave Karun and Satrangi Re has once again played the same role in ‘Hostel Days’, slated for release on 29th December 2017. Prarthana Behere, Aroh Welankar, Virajas Kulkarni, Akshay Tanksale and Sanjay Jadhav in pivotal roles. “Hostel Days” produced by Subhash Bora, Chandan Gehlot and Harvinder Singh “Hostel life has always had a special place in the memory of all those who have lived in a Hostel. And for those who couldn’t experience the Hostel Life ever, there has always been a fascination for it. The days spent in hostel always makes one nostalgic, while reminiscing those golden days of life” says Ajay Naik. Though there have been many successful films on College Life, made in all languages around the world, this is a unique film based specifically on the Hostel life. Subhash Bora producer of the film says “The story deals with the Hostel Life in early 90s when there were no Mobile phones and Smart phones, no cable or dish TV, no internet and thus there was lot of fun. Hostel life back then was definitely more exciting than what it is now; hence today’s audiences will be reminded of those simpler times.”