Lyricist swanand kirkire plays his first lead role in chumbak


Swanand Kirkire, popular lyrics writer plays a full-fledged lead for the first time in director Sandeep Modi’s Chumbak. Narain S Kumar who is closely associated with director Subhash Kapoor forays into Marathi film industry with Chumbak as producer. The film also stars 15 year old Pune boy Sahil Jadhav. It is a slice of life drama about the relationship between these two damned opposites, a 41year old who believes the world is as innocent as he himself, and a 14 year old who believes the world is as cunning as the one that fleeced him. Narain S Kumar said, “It is a coming of age story of this poor kid Baalu who loses all his savings in a dubious scheme and decides to con the world but when the only person to fall for it is an earnest, mentally-challenged man, he must choose between his dream and his humanity. Chumbak is journey of these two opposites.”