Madhura Bachal “Cooking is the best way to show affection”


Qyuki creator Madhura Bachal, a culinary and gourmet chef has a bi-lingual YouTube channel called Madhura’s Recipe. “Madhura’s Recipe” hits the hearts and stomachs of the audience with her tasty cooking videos!Food plays a very important role in India and Madhura offers yummy meal recipes for all Indian cuisines and varieties. Her recipes suit every palate and arehumungous hits on the internet. This world renowned chef has two YouTube channels, one in English and another in Marathi with over 8 lakh subscribers. Born in a Maharashtrian family, her forte lies in creating simple yet tasty recipes which have won over the hearts of housewives, newlyweds and people the world over. Her fan following, believe it or not, extends internationally to countries such as the USA, Canada and many more. Her popular recipes are mainly Punjabi dishes, healthy snacks, authentic Maharashtrian food and mouth-watering desserts. Madhura has also been featured in The Indian railway Free Wifi campaign wherein her posters are displayed on 32 major railway stations. From chopping to plating, this Qyuki creator promises CINEBUSTER readers a healthy lifestyle with great taste!

How passionate are you about cooking?
I am passionate about cooking and love to eat as well! I started Madhura’s Recipe as a hobby and I never realized how a hobby turned out to a profession! I always keep recipes simple and easy. I come up with the recipes with the ingredients that are easily available at home. I always provide exact measurements for my recipes. I try to include all small tips and tricks along with the recipe. I am glad to be a part of Qyuki, they are always there to help and come up with innovative ideas to improve and grow our channel.

What inspired you to take up the cooking?
I come from long line of excellent Chefs, be it’s my Grand Mother, Mother, Aunts. They cook the most delicious meals while barely having any access to cook books or internet. They were always into cooking by Instinct and I have never seen them measuring anything. Most of the cooking I know, I learned from them. So as I learn, it’s been a wonderful opportunity to explore and try new things that are not known back home. Cooking for others, sharing food is actually the best way I know to show affection. I would say most of the times love inspires to cook. Cooking is like expression of feelings for others.

How has your style evolved ever since you have started cooking?
I must say it started with basic cooking at first. Soon after I realized, even with the basic cooking you can make quickand easy meals that tastes great! Even a small effort in the kitchen goes a long way! It encouraged me to try some more advanced dishes. I always tried to keep things simple; it may be baking cakes, pizzas, ice creams. I try to jazz that up using the things easily available in your pantry.

Who is your inspiration in your profession?
It’s Sanjay Thumma, popularly known as VahChef, whom I never met but his way of teaching cooking is very funny,interesting and practical. He puts a nice twist in recipes that can be dull and boring. It’s relaxing to watch him cooking. Also filming cooking videos was my husband’s idea and like “aha” moment for me as soon as he mentioned it.

How has your association with Qyuki Digital been?
It’s great! Qyuki Team is very proactive and helps to find out different way to improve and grow. The best thing is Qyuki maps out plan to make videos that works best to potentially reach a larger audience. They also come up with many suggestions to make videos more accessible to audiences and the best way to optimize videos.

What your favorite recipes?
I like to cook comfort food like simple dal, rice with some twist. I also like to make sandwiches with end numberof variations as sandwiches are always big hit in our family! I like to add modern and practical approach to traditional Indian recipes.

Any special recipe you would like to share for the upcoming wedding/festival season?
Jalebi is one of my personal favorite sweet. But making jalebisthe traditional way is little long and also a time taking process.So here I come up with instant way of making perfect crispy jalebis where in you don’t need to wait until batter is fermented.Here’s how Instant jalebis are made without using yeast.


Ingredients for Batter
• 1/2 Cup Maida or All-purpose flour
• 1 tsp of Corn Floor
• 1/2 tsp Fruit Salt
• 1/4 tsp Vinegar or Lime Juice
• 1 tsp Yogurt
• 5 tbsp Water
• 3/4 Cup Sugar
• 1/2 tbsp Lemon Juice
• 1/3 Cup Water

To make sugar syrup
• Heat pan on a medium heat, add sugar and water and mix well until sugar gets dissolved with the water.
• Bring the syrup to boil.
• Afterthe syrup boils, lower down the heat and simmer the syrup until you get one flow consistency.
• Add lemon juice once you get single thread consistency on the syrup.
• Mix and keep it warm.

To make Jalebis
• Take flour in to mixing bowl.
• Add corn flour, yogurt and mix well.
• Add water, vinegar and make that in to thick but pourable consistency batter.
• Add Eno fruit salt and mix well.
• Now pour the jalebi batter in to ketch up bottle or any Ziploc bag.
• Heat oil in the pan on the side.
• After oil is hot, make little swirls in the oil to give that a jalebi shape.
• Fry from both the sides till jalebis get light golden color.
• Soak up the jalebis in warm syrup from both sides.
• Remove jalebis on to separate dish.
• You can also add fried jalebis straight in to sugar syrup.
• Use food color so that jalebis will get good color.